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Siri Dharma Galliano

Siri Dharma Galliano is one of the leading Pilates trainers in North America and Europe. She is a renowned New York Pilates instructor with over 30 years of experience, she has trained actors on location in feature films such as The Matrix 2, The Matrix 3, Batman and the Kill Bill films. In addition to her studio and film work, Ms. Galliano has traveled the world helping to sculpt the bodies of celebrity clients such as Madonna, Sting, Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Carrie- Anne Moss and Jessica Lange.

A protégé of Romana Kryzanowska, the Master Pilates teacher who was trained by Joe Pilates, Ms. Galliano is also certified in Kundalini yoga by Yogi Bhajan. She is a brilliant teacher, shares Ms. Kryzanowska and one of my favorite people in the world.

Ms. Galliano’s unique approach to fitness brings students an awareness of Pilates techniques and health traditions regardless of their age or physical condition. Her instruction incorporates a combination of focus, joy and a refreshing sense of humor.

Famed for getting tangible results, she is one of the most sought-after experts on Pilates and has been featured on television and in several major magazines, entertaining and informing audiences with her passionate views.

She lives in California near by Big Baer Lake.

Website of Siri Dharma Galliano

Bob Liekens

Bob Liekens was born in Belgium. Because of his dancing career he visited New York City in 1983. In the same year he started his Pilates training in "The Pilates Studio". He was so fascinated from the Graham technique that he decided to study at "Graham Center for Contemporary Dance". In 1991 he was one of the first trainers in this technique. 1983 it was Romana Kryzanowska who motivated him to teach the Pilates method.

1993 he created the first certified Teacher Trainer Program for Romana. Since then he leads national and international Teacher Trainer tutorials, workshops and further education all over the world. Additionally he practices Yoga and became the certification to Yoga Trainer in 1999.

Website of Bob Liekens

Sandra Käfer (Genzel) (Germany, Austria) 

After an 8-year ballet education at the Palucca School in Dresdren and at the “Konservatorium” in Vienna, I started to work in a gym. I successfully completed the educational training as “Lehrwart” and fitness coach BafL (Bundesanstalt für Leibeserziehung - Federal Institute of Physical Education).

In 2000 I heard about Pilates through Juliana Afram and began to study because I wanted to become a Pilates Trainer for Mat and Apparatus. The Classical Pilates, as we teach it, I was taught by Power Pilates New York. My instructors were Dana Eisenstein (USA), Davidson Ried (USA), Juliana Afram (D), Bob Liekens (USA) and Susan Moran Perich (USA).

In 2005 I opened my studio in Baden near Vienna. For several years, I am Teacher Trainer and Pilates Trainer in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, I am co-founder of the Pilates Association Austria and licensed Pilates trainer PMA (Pilates Method Alliance). Since March 2013 I run the Classical Training School called "THE PILATES STANDARD" for Austria.

Website of Sandra Käfer

Natascha Eyber (Germany)

She was accredited by BASI in 2003, under the direction of Rael, holds the BASI Pilates franchise in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. She joined the BASI Faculty in 2006, and, in 2009, founded the Pilates House in Munich, the headquarter of BASI Pilates for Germany and Austria. Natascha was educated and worked as a ballet dancer and teacher, and has wide experience in training professional dancers. She also worked as director and choreographer of international musical productions, events and opera. Since 2002, Natascha has dedicated herself to education. She was a faculty member at the SEAD contemporary dance school in Salzburg until 2009, teaching ballet and training dance students. Simultaneously, she instructed outside clients in the Pilates method.

Website of Natascha Eyber

Tony Rockoff (Germany)

Tony Rockoff is an expert on body, movement and motivation. His mission: to preserve and pass on Joseph Pilates' Classical Theory of Motion: "Pilates was never meant to be a gentle method, it is an honest, intensive training, not only for women but also for men."

Even as a teenager Tony Rockoff began to search for the perfect training method. And could perfectly natural hot for him. He completed an education programs for sports and fitness and graduated as fitness instructor. In 2000 it was clear to him that he had found his own personal passion – Theory of Motion of Joseph Pilates.

Tony Rockoff went through various Pilates Training Programs, studied archive material taught in various studios, developed a Pilates offer together with the German Pilates Expert Juliana Afram and is still working in Juliana Aframs Studio 1880.

In 2010 Tony got taught by Pilates Guru Bob Liekens (one of the few students of Joseph Pilates companion Romana Kryzanowska) in New York. Since then he is also Pilates Instructor.

Website of Tony Rockoff

Shari Berkowitz (USA)

As a biomechanist Shari Berkowitz works in the field of research. She created her own Pilates Blog, organised her own Workshops and Courses and developed training materials as well as other devices for Pilates Trainers. Shari teaches the Classical way of Pilates which is suitable for any attendee. Additionally she is originally certified by Romana Kryzanowska and worked as Pilates Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates many years. Shari also worked as Pilates Referent in different countries. After giving up dancing and acting she intensively worked with and gained from the wide knowledge of scientists, doctors and physiotherapists.

Website of Shari Berkowitz

Brett Howard (USA)

Brett Howard is the Director of Education of the United States Pilates Association™ and he taught workshops all around the world and is a co- author of the book Pilates for Children and Adolescents and a contributing essay author of the book Voices of Classical Pilates.

Brett Howard is an Owner and Director of the Pilates Studio the Pilates Haus and was certified by the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska in 1998, he has been a Teacher of Teachers for the program since 2003. He has trained extensively with Pilates Elders Mary Bowen, Jay Grimes and Lolita San Miguel, as well as Master Teachers Bob Liekens, Sari Mejia Santo, Kathy Corey, Blossom Crawford, Deborah Lessen and Steve Giordano. He is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and contributed Articles in Pilates Style Magazine. Brett Howard holds a M.A. in Dance Education from New York University Steinhardt School of Education, Culture and Human Development and a B.F.A. in Dance from S.U.N.Y. Purchase College Conservatory of Dance.

Website of Brett Howard

Krisztina Ajkay (Germany, Hungary)

Born in Budapest/Hungary, Krisztina completed her education as a physical therapist (PT) in 1989. Initially she gained valuable experience in a medical setting working as a physical therapist with patients affected by cerebral palsy.  In 1996 she moved to Germany and initially continued working as a physical therapist. She started practicing Pilates after the birth of her third son, and she was impressed by the resulting quick and positive changes of her body. She began studying Pilates at Polestar (Certificated Mat Teacher 2005) and completed the BASI CTTC (2008) in Germany. She is Co-Owner of the Studio Dynamic Arts in Freiburg.
Krisztina is passionate about working with the elderly and with pre- and postpartum woman.

Michelle Gmeiner (USA, Austria)

Already in her childhood Michelle Gmeiner came in contact with Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. Due to a congenital deformity of her cervical spine Michelle needed to strengthen the specific muscle groups to avoid surgery and live a healthy life without interference in the future. That is why she started practicing Yoga and Gyrotonic Training. Today she teaches this special understanding of the body in her classes to people all over Europe.


Website of Michelle Gmeiner

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